Cut no-shows by 79% with auto appointment reminder texts. Send thank you emails and get reviews on your treatments. Target customers by age, gender for email or SMS. Clinic Marketing Strategies is bulging with pre-set, SMS/text message campaigns ready to be set to work like your own in-house marketing manager. or, for those with more time and confidence, you can simply define and trigger your own campaigns.

Either way, SMS marketing has been shown once again, to be the the most powerful way of maintaining, strengthening and re-establishing customer relationships aside from in-Clinic contact. The mobile marketing systems are revolutionising how Clinic s market. Send emails and SMS Messages quickly and easily to simply remind them of their appointment or inform them of the latest offers in your Clinic.

Text and email is a great way to keep in touch with your customers. With Salon Marketing Strategies you have the option to send appointment reminders quickly and easily which not only give your customer a more personal experience, but also will help to eradicate expensive no shows.

Operating a clinic, spa, or salon comes with a unique set of challenges. One of the most common yet disruptive challenges is the prevalence of no-shows - clients who book appointments but fail to turn up. This can significantly impact your business, leading to wasted time, lost revenue, and reduced productivity. That's why we've developed a dedicated feature in our CRM software - the Reduce No-Shows feature.



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